The Kinmen County Government has long dedicated itself to promoting travel and tourism within the islands. It advocates public policies that encourage the growth and development of Kinmen’s travel and tourism industry to turn it into a resort island for travel and leisure. After years of promotion, our efforts have increased the Kinmen’s attractiveness as a travel destination; visitors come from all over the world. In recent years, Kinmen has been designated by Taiwan’s Council for Cultural Affairs as a potential world heritage site, thus lending further support for environmental protection and the development of cultural tourism in Kinmen. Submission for world heritage nomination does not limit regional growth; on the contrary, it has the same mission and goals as those set forth by the local authority. What is emphasized with world heritage is the identification and conservation and preservation of our natural and cultural heritage. This is entirely consistent with the effort that Kinmen has long been making to preserve ancestral artifacts and monuments and to protect natural resources and the ecology.

In the process of preparing the nomination we can reconsider Kinmen’s future development and direction. What Kinmen features in culture can be combined with people’s lives; at the same time, we have to keep pace with a continually changing world. This will give the people of Kinmen confidence in themselves and let them feel at one with their homeland.

One beneficial effect of the submission process, necessarily, ample protection is bound to be provided for other cultural properties as well. After recognition by UNESCO, Kinmen will gain higher visibility on the world stage, thus allowing the world’s people to understand more about the rich legacy of the past 1600 years. Our mission and goal are to nourish and sustain Southern Fujian’s living culture far into the future.


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