01 Chastity Arch For QIU Lianggong's Mother Repaired filed
02 CAI Clan Shrine in Qionglin Repaired filed
03 CHEN Zhen's Tomb -- filed
04 Wentai Pagoda Repaired filed
05 HUANG Family Youtang Villa in Shuitou Repaired filed
06 CHEN Jian's Tomb Repaired filed
07 Kinmen Shrine in Memory of Zhu Xi Repaired filed
08 Xujiang Xiaowo Group of Inscribed Stones Repaired filed
09 Kueixing Pavilion (Kui Pavilion) Repaired filed
10 QIU Lianggong's Tomb Repaired filed
11 Hanying Yungen Inscribed Stone -- filed
12 LI Residence in Xishanqian Repaired filed
13 Zhenwei Residence in Gulongtou Repaired filed
14 Marquis Muma's Shrine in Fenglianshan Repaired filed
15 The Tripartite Chastity Arch in Qionglin -- filed
16 Imperial Honor Arch for CHEN Zhen -- filed
17 Temple of the Ocean Mudra (Haiyinsi) Shimen Gate (Stone gate) Repaired filed
18 LU Ruoteng's Former Residence and Tomb being Repaired filed
19 CAI Panlong's Tomb -- filed
20 Kinmen Qing Dynasty General Military Office Repaired filed
21 Gulongtou Shuiwei Pagoda -- filed
22 WEN Yingju's tomb -- filed
23 General's Residence Repaired filed
24 CHEN Xian's Tomb -- filed
25 LI Clan Shrine in Xishanqian Repaired filed
26 ZHENG Clan Shrine in Dongxi Repaired filed
27 HUANG Wei's Tomb Repaired filed
28 Cide Temple Repaired filed
29 HUANG Bian's Tomb -- filed
30 ZHOU Residence in Pubian Repaired filed
31 Guande Bridge -- filed
32 YANG Hua's Former Residence Repaired filed
33 WU Xiucai's Former Residence in Lieyu Repaired filed
34 Ruiyou School Repaired filed
35 QIU Lianggong's Former Residence -- filed
36 Juguang Building -- filed
37 CHEN Shiyin's Western Style Building -- filed
38 Wuqiu Lighthouse -- filed
39 HUANG Xuannxian's Manor -- filed
40 Model Public Restroom in Xiaoximen (Minor West Gate) -- filed
41 WANG Shijie's Former Residence and Tomb being Repaired filed
42 Guan Ao Dragon-Phoenix Temple being Repaired filed
43 Song Dynasty Eastern Well in Donglin, Lieyu -- --
44 XU Peijian's Former Residence -- --



Historical Architecture

01 The South Gate Architectural Ensemble in Kinmen City    
02 The South Gate Architectural Ensemble in Kinmen City    
03 ZHANG Zhangman's Former Residence (No. 85)    
04 HUANG Chaobin's Residence    
05 CHEN Family House Compound with Four Wings (Bishan No. 6)    
06 Tomb of Madam Lan-Weng, Lady of the First Rank    
07 Dadao Temple in Zhushan    
08 Temple of the Ocean Mudra (Haiyinsi) The Mahavira Hall (Da Xiong Bao Dian)    
09 CHEN Jingcheng's Western-Style Building    
10 Imperial Officer's Residence in Zhongbao, Shanhou    
11 CHEN Zhen's Six-House Compound Manor    
12 DONG Shishi and DONG Shiyang's Two-House Compound Manor    
13 Weng Deyan's Three Manors    
14 CHEN Zhengfang's Former Residence    
15 CHEN Family Former Residence    
16 Former Residence of Three Generations of the WENG Clan    
17 ZHENG Youzheng's Western Style Building    
18 LI Kangta's Western Style Building    
19 HUANG Changming's Former Residence    
20 HONG Family Former Residence    
21 YANG Jinyu and YANG Duxuan's Residence    
22 HUANG Family Temple in Qianshuitou    
23 Shimao Hall (the HUANG's 3rd Son Clan Shrine)    
24 HUANG Tianlu's Residence    
25 Gugang School    
26 DONG Yunyao's Western Style Building    
27 DONG Guangde's Western Style Building    
28 XUE Qingjiang's Residence    
29 CHEN Clan Minor Shrine    
30 CHEN Dexing's Western Style Building    
31 Zhongzheng Hall, Kinmen High School    
32 CHEN Clan Two- House Compound Manor    
33 CHEN Mingyou Former Residence    
34 Zhaoling Temple    
35 CHEN Weidan's Former Residence    
36 XUE Clan Major Shrine    
37 Three-House Compound    
38 Imperial Officer's Residence    
39 HE Jingyan's Residence    
40 HE Sudian and HE Suhai's Western Style Building    
41 CAI Yongyao's Western Style Building    
42 CAI Yongyao's Two-House Compound Manor    
43 Great Lion Fortress    
44 Guan Yu Temple in Houpu    
45 Lingji Temple (Guanyin Pavilion)    
46 CHEN Clan Shrine in Houpu    
47 Minwang Shrine    
48 XU Family Temple in Zhupu    
49 XU Jinzhong's Western Style Building    
50 HE Residence in Houpu    
51 DENG Changshou's Western Style Building    
52 Imperial Officer's Residence in Houpu    
53 FU Family Former Residence    
54 Jianwei Residence    
55 XU Yunxuan's Western Style Building    
56 HONG Hesheng and HONG Heda's Residence    
57 HONG Heyuan's Residence    
58 LIN Keyuan's Manor    
59 LIN Feizhang's Mansion    
60 HUANG Kuanyong's Residence    
61 CAI Clan Founding Generation Residence in Gugang    
62 LI Family Temple    
63 Jinshui Elementary School    
64 Deyue Building    
65 Western Style Building No. 57 in Shuitou (Emigrant Culture Exhibit)    
66 Western Style Building No. 417 in Shuitou    
67 ZHENG Wenzhou's Western Style Building    
68 HUANG Ruyi's Western Style Building    
69 HUANG Huihuang's Western Style Building    
70 HUANG Yonqian and HUANG Yongzao's Western Style Building    
71 HUANG Naipu's Western Style Building    
72 HUANG Shuiying's Residence    
73 Former Location of the Bai Clan Ancestral Hut (Present Wang Residence)    
74 HUANG Fuxing's Former Residence    
75 HUANG Hui's Former Residence    
76 WANG Family Former Residence in Shuitou    
77 HUANG Tingsen's Three-House Compound Manor    
78 CAI Kaisheng's Residence    
79 Huang Tingzhou's Defense Tower    
80 HUANG Jiqi's Former Residence    
81 HUANG Wendong's Residence    
82 HUANG Shaoguang's Residence    
83 HUANG Ji's Former Residence    
84 Chen Family House Compound with 4 Wings    
85 HONG Xu's Former Residence, No. 11 and 12 in Houfeng Port (to the Right of the Family Temple)    
86 ZHANG Family Former Residence    
87 ZHANG Family Former Residence (No. 102 in Shamei)    
88 Shunji Temple    
89 XUE Brothers Building    
90 Lu Keping's Former Residence    
91 HUANG Lou's Western Style Building    
92 CHEN Qingji's Western Style Building    
93 CHEN Clan Shrine in Chenggong    
94 Minyi Old Street, Outside of North Gate of Kinmen City    
95 Three Buildings in Huxia    
96 Residence of Cai Han, Juren (Provincial Graduate)    
97 WENG Zanshang and WENG Zanrong's Western Style Building    
98 ZHANG Zhangman's Former Residence (No. 87)    
99 Ming Dynastic Poetic Inscribed Stele on Taiwu Mountain (by DING Xiaohe)    
100 Underground Tunnels in Kinmen City Area    
101 Ironmen Fortress    
102 Brave Warrior Fortress    
103 General's Fortress    
104 WU Family Former Residence    
105 Residence of Cai Han, Juren (Provincial Graduate)    
106 XUE Fangjian's Western Style Building    
107 Qionglin Settlement    
108 Shuitou (also called Qianshuitou or Jinshui)    
109 CHEN Family Former Residence    
110 Jinshen Hall    
111 Two-House Compound Building Group in Nanshan    
112 LI Kaihe's Western Style Building    
113 HONG Xu' s Former Residence    
114 HONG Kebao's Western Style Building    
115 CHEN Duqin's Former Residence    
116 CHEN Dulang's Former Residence    
117 Yongchang Hall and Wuyang Elementary School    
118 Jindong Cinema    
119 ZHANG Family Three-House Compound Manor    
120 ZHANG Family Western Style Building    
121 Wanan Hall in Shamei, Jinsha Township    
122 FANG Residence    
123 LIN Family Six-house Compound Manor    
124 LIN Family Six-house Compound Manor    
125 ZHANG Wendi's Western Style Building    
126 Presbyterian Church and Pastor's Study in Shamei    
127 HUANG Family Temple    
128 HUANG Zhuobin's Western Style Building    
129 HUANG Xinjian's Residence    
130 Wang Jincheng's Western Style Building    
131 Three Wang Brothers' Western Style Building    
132 HE Suqiang's Western Style Building    
133 HE Yongyang's Western Style Building    
134 HE Family Western Style Building    
135 ZHOU Anbang's Former Residence    
136 ZHOU Family Former Residence    
137 Jesuit Church    
138 Shize Hall (Huang Family Ancestral Minor Shrine)    
139 CHEN Jinglan's Western Style Building    
140 HE Suque and HE Supuo's Western Style Building    
141 Biyue Study Hall    
142 Zhushan (Xuecuokeng, Shanzaidou)    
143 Mofan Street (called Ziqiang Street while under military administration)    
144 ZHOU Family Two-House Compound Manor    


Intangible Properties

01 Worship Ceremonies for the Clan Ancestral Shrine in Qionglin    
02 Traditions and the Long History of the Reception of the City God    
03 Introduction to the Wind Lion Deities in Kinmen    
04 Qiyue Liuhuo Cultural Event (Universal Deliverance Lanterns in the Lunar Seventh Month    
05 Origin and Game Rules for Mid-Autumn Festival Moon Cake Gambling    
06 Origin and Rituals for Houhu Village Sacrifices (every 12 years)    


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