ESCO as "common heritage of humanity", shared by all of mankind. World Heritage listing is a form of branding, through which people can be attracted to visit a particular site for its name. In this way, cultural tourism and associated industries in the region can all benefit from World Heritage listing, resulting in economic prosperity. Subsequently, local residents in the region can identify with their own culture and also expand their world view when dealing with tourists from different parts of the world. Preparing a submission for World Heritage nomination also provides a chance for systematic reform. In the process, government authorities need to inspect and re-examine the current condition of all natural and cultural properties; they also need to amend laws and regulations (such as those dealing with conservation, preservation, repair, operation, and management) in order to comply with international standards.

Preparing a nomination dossier for World Heritage listing is a long journey that cannot be completed overnight. The relevant authorities must invest a great deal of money, manpower and time so that complex multiple issues can be openly discussed, followed by amendments or new arrangements. These issues include identification of existing cultural values, inspection of preservation mechanisms, laws and regulations, as well as implementation of public participation and the degree of resource sharing. Afterwards, the nomination dossier must follow the Operational Guidelines for the Implementation of the World Heritage Convention to be written up for official submission to the World Heritage Committee. All of this time and energy must be expended to win a chance to become a World Heritage Site.

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